Doodle of nice from hamatora, p good show so far uvu

Doodle of nice from hamatora, p good show so far uvu

Dont solid have a name for her yet, maybe Noel

have you heard of yowamushi pedal?

Heard of yes, Watched.. nooo

I may have secretly lost control of my life.

I gotta ask. I've seen you selling RT related things on your red bubble account. Is that even legal? Isn't that copyright infringement?

It was on there long before they asked people to take things down and not make RT related stuff, I even asked the guys themselves if i could so that’s why I did in the first place.

But now since them asking them not to sell they’ve been up only because I haven’t gotten around to taking them down. I don’t actively sell them nor do people still purchase the items.

So at this point, since its not like I’m still getting paid for it, It just exists up there.

But no don’t buy RT products not done by RT they dont want that no no.


I don’t have a shipping problem…

How old are you?


I’ll be 20 in like a month. *pops confetti* 

Little suga chibi (one of them is transparent)

Team JDBL (Jordy Blue)!