If I were dating you... My girlfriend would probably get upset with me

We can all still cuddle though?

I’m fine with that if she is.

If I was dating you, I guess there would be cuddles, we could watch anime and I'd make you breakfast. I might gush about your art and share headcanons for things with you

food is always a good thing. so are headcanons.

If I was dating you I'd buy u dinner every night wait shit food's not romantic fuck i fucked up

Food is HELLA romantic, wed eat like kings and cuddle to some good movies or shows yes.

If I was dating you I'd probs snuggle you a lot and tell you that you're hella adorable and a qt! <3

/)///(\ thats cute

"If I was dating you…" Finish it in my ask


do it i’ll love you

I’ll uh, draw my reaction if its good yeah?

New RWBY OC Jian Jing Shi (chinese for spinel a pink gemstone)

her symbol is a sharkie

Hi there! I just thought someone should take the time to tell you that you're VERY pretty. I hope you have a nice day!

B’awh thanks ;;w;;

I dont have a problem

I dont have a problem

what's your youtube name

victoriacandies should bring up almost everything lol if not i cannot remember all it shows me is victoria candies

So this isn’t even all of the pictures I have from RTX and I’m putting them here cause its too late to tweet anything else, I’m still in Texas for about a day and a half until i get back into my bed (aka my natural habitat) 

I hope everyone who went had a WONDERFUL RTX cause i know i did :)!!

PS; huge shout out to all the grumps who were absolutely amazing!!