Hi there! I just thought someone should take the time to tell you that you're VERY pretty. I hope you have a nice day!

B’awh thanks ;;w;;

I dont have a problem

I dont have a problem

what's your youtube name

victoriacandies should bring up almost everything lol if not i cannot remember all it shows me is victoria candies

So this isn’t even all of the pictures I have from RTX and I’m putting them here cause its too late to tweet anything else, I’m still in Texas for about a day and a half until i get back into my bed (aka my natural habitat) 

I hope everyone who went had a WONDERFUL RTX cause i know i did :)!!

PS; huge shout out to all the grumps who were absolutely amazing!! 

For the palette drawings I’ve gotten several SNK/AoT requests

but i dont watch the show.. ive only seen a bit of it on adult swim, but i dont want to leave you completely hanging…

so if i were to do one character from it who should it be?

You going to RTX this year???

Yep! i’ll be in austin from the 2nd to the 8th~

to the slyest fox around

[I’ll see myself out]

do you still have any Internet Box drawings? and if so, could we see them?

I don’t have any newer ones, If that’s what you mean

Although the ones I did draw are all on my blog somewhere? I know i tagged them Internet box or Internetbox! so I hope that helps a little ;w;

miles luna in #6?

Could you do Adam Ellis in 4 please :)