I may have secretly lost control of my life.

I gotta ask. I've seen you selling RT related things on your red bubble account. Is that even legal? Isn't that copyright infringement?

It was on there long before they asked people to take things down and not make RT related stuff, I even asked the guys themselves if i could so that’s why I did in the first place.

But now since them asking them not to sell they’ve been up only because I haven’t gotten around to taking them down. I don’t actively sell them nor do people still purchase the items.

So at this point, since its not like I’m still getting paid for it, It just exists up there.

But no don’t buy RT products not done by RT they dont want that no no.


I don’t have a shipping problem…

How old are you?


I’ll be 20 in like a month. *pops confetti* 

Little suga chibi (one of them is transparent)

Team JDBL (Jordy Blue)!

do you ever get into little slumps where all you draw are unfinished sketches? Ive been in that for a while, but wow everytime i see ur stuff i just want to actually finish something! I still dont but ur drawings are still pretty inspiring nonetheless

First off thanks!! I’m glad my art can do that for you :D (be inspiring like ahhh ;w;) 

Secondly, I am in that state nearly 24/7 the long spans i go with out posting I haven’t stopped drawing, I’m just drawing sketches and doodles and not posting them. Original characters little chibis and comics ect! but sometimes you just need to kick yourself in the butt and be like ALRIGHT thIS PIECE is gonna get FINISHED. maybe not today. but before the week is done maybe? 

It’s hard to get motivated out of that slump but you just gotta find that muse? Or at least that’s how i get myself to finish a few pieces <3

the obsession hasn’t ended


Ice challenge video uploaded from my phone to here, watch me kinda suffer, mostly suffering from wet underoo’s

also yes I act like a giant priss fight me.


 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice Bucket Challenge. I was nominated by my friend Casey and Tuxedomob. If you don’t know the rules already then here they are.

-Once nominated you must complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 24 hours or less.

-After you are finished with the challenge you donate $10 HERE.

-Nominate 3 other people after completed.

-If you do not complete the challenge within the time span given you must donate $100 HERE.

Im gonna nominate Tim, Michal, and Connor (if they havent done it yet xoxo)