How i feel when i see that “you drew his nose too small” comment
80 times

sirtwixx: hello! uhm i just came by to say that i love your art a lot, even tho you get this probs every day aaa ;v; youre a huge inspiration already even tho i just found your blog but omg www

hehe I actually dont get this quite that often (since ie been inactive) so its nice to hear it ;w;

people enjoying my art and blog literally always make my day. 

starsublime: Hey bunny! I just thought you'd like to know that you're the artist that made me want to pick up art, you've really inspired + influenced me and I feel I've improved a helluva lot because of you.. So, thank you! <3

kafjdhgdjghfd precious getting inspired and making art ilu <3

No but really I’m glad that even in all my inactivity my art still continues to inspire / influence others it makes me really happy <33 so thank you as well!


Tried doing a redraw of this scene since I adore this fight. 


Aib | Bunny | Star (team abs) swap around collab!!!
We of course did team lads

Anonymous: what stream of star's were you in?

Many as of late!

I cant remember which ones im in calls with her but theres been a few :>

and if im not in call ive tried to be in chat. Even if ive passed out sleep.

rianfuckindawson: Bunnie, i wanna cry your artwork is absolutely amazing. keep on being amazing <3333333

D’awh thank you so much <3

So who&#8217;s going o:&#160;?


Y’all ain’t ready for Team ABS
Aib(me)- Spaniel/Labradoodle mix
Bunny- the cutest of all the buns
Star- Ragdoll Cat


Hybrid me? I? Aib help