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Ahhh hell yeah, do it! You won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re a makoto fan :) And personal, I hope

Mmmm i will then, i’m even more excited than i was before :D (also I adore makoto so very much)

and no i agree from the moment i heard about him wanting mako to join basketball with him in high speed i wanted kisumi to whisk mako away from haru again like hello?? jealous haru???clinging to his best friend like yes please. even though it seems like he might have something to do with samezuka cause of their past im still hoping so hard hes here for iwatobi drama. mmmmmmm. 

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Wait haven’t ppl read the high speed 2? /isnt this the guy who essentially try to steal makoto for the basketball team/. How can you not ship w/ a steamy side of jealous!haru or haru & him making a makosandwich pft

 I’ve heard that a bunch and it makes me excited but I havent personally read high speed (yet, i plan too before the next episode airs *u*)

but as soon as i heard that i was like //yes i need this to exist more//

colored mako doodle

I see a lot of people shipping Kisumi with Rin and Sousuke… but i have a different guilty ship

should i be proud or sad im the only poot?


If I was dating you you would have all the bacon in the world

Amen to that

Do you have a FAQ section?

I dont, I just usually answer whatever questions people have for me ^^

If I were dating you... My girlfriend would probably get upset with me

We can all still cuddle though?

I’m fine with that if she is.

If I was dating you, I guess there would be cuddles, we could watch anime and I'd make you breakfast. I might gush about your art and share headcanons for things with you

food is always a good thing. so are headcanons.

If I was dating you I'd buy u dinner every night wait shit food's not romantic fuck i fucked up

Food is HELLA romantic, wed eat like kings and cuddle to some good movies or shows yes.